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Ping G25 Driver Review

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by.  After a brief hiatus while I got a chance to play some rounds of golf with my dad up in the mountains, I’m back at it here on SirShanksAlot.  We hope you’re enjoying the season!  Today, we’re sharing with you another independent review of the Ping G25 Driver. Our reviewer seems to be a fan, so I might have to give this driver a try, but I have to say, if this past week was any indication, it’s going to take something really special to oust my current driver from my bag. Well, let’s get to the review…


g25-driverThe entire Ping G25 lineup is simplified with less lines and color schemes. Upon first glance, the simple appearance of the G25 is easy on the eyes. In fact, the all black matte non-glare finish with white grooves on the club face looks great. Ping’s traditional crescent alignment aid is all white and really pops with the black club head. Ping’s ultra thin crown technology distributes weight to the perimeter and positions the CG lower and farther back in the club head. A noticeable weight is positioned on the bottom of the sole toward the back of the club head.

The Ping G25 driver is an oversize 460 cc club head with a triangular shape. The G25 is Ping’s first product in the adjustable head category and allows you to add or subtract one half degree of loft to optimize launch conditions for ‘maximum distance’. While other clubs have several adjustable features, the G25 keeps it simple. In addition, the G25 has one of the smoothest shaft sleeves ever making any alterations extremely easy.

The Ping G25 driver looks really cool… until you put the club down at address: the face looks open. Grrr… Personally, I struggled with the address where I felt the club would produce a wild slice or snap hook. It was my only real complaint about the looks of this driver.


I tested the Ping G25 9.5 degree driver with a stiff TFC 189D shaft. The TFC 189D is the stock shaft that weighs 58 grams with 4.8 degrees of torque engineered to produce a mid ball flight. When it comes to these shafts, which in comes in five models from soft regular to tour x-stiff, the more flexible the shaft, the higher the ball flight it produced.

The G25 driver stands out as one of my top two drivers tested in 2013. While I did not prefer the aesthetics of the driver at address, the club performs awesomely. The G25 bombs the ball long and straight which should immediately make the driver a top choice for anyone in the market. It delivers a high and piercing ball flight, that goes for miles. I was very impressed.

Additionally, I tested the driver in a few of the other available positions. Adding one half degree of loft resulted in a slightly higher trajectory and a little inconsistency compared to its previous position. Reducing the loft by a half degree produced mostly straight shots or a slight draw. Strangely enough, subtracting loft produced better results than adding loft. Shots were longer and straighter. Typically, a club is more forgiving by adding loft, so I was a little surprised by my results. Overall, this driver’s consistency, distance, feel and trajectory were all winners in my book.


The Ping G25 features a D3 swing weight. The club feels great and the ball jumps off the club face better than any other driver I’ve hit tested so far this year. The driver produces a loud impact sound and feels and sounds like you crush the ball every time. In fact, the impact will make your ears ring. The ball feels solid at impact and Ping did a nice job of combining feel and performance in the G25 driver.


This driver’s performance is definitely not mirrored in it’s price – just another admiring quality.  With a standard (if not low) price of $299. this driver really is a steal for anyone looking to get more out of their driver. If you are on the market for a new driver don’t skip a demo of the Ping G25.

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