Ping G20 Hybrid Review

Ping G20 Hybrid Review

Hello everyone – thanks for stopping by. Today we will be  looking at the Ping G20 Hybrid.


The Ping G20 Hybrid features an offset hosel design with a 17-4 stainless steel club head. The Gping g2020 resembles more of an iron than a traditional hybrid. The club face and top line appear like an iron with a satin finish. The back of the hybrid is a dark gray that blends in with the ground. Aesthetically, the satin finish on the club pops out. Compared to the previous G15 model the G20 has a slightly more compact and shallow club head design. However, compared to the majority of other hybrids available, it looks much more clunky and deep. Overall, as a low handicap player I am not a big fan of the appearance and offset design. The appearance rates 6 out of 10.


Luckily the G20 performs much better than it looks. I tested the 20 degree Ping G20 hybrid with a stiff TFC 169H stock shaft.  The G20 is designed as Ping’s game improvement hybrid. The G20 delivers a high launch and ball flight. In addition, it delivers maximum forgiveness. The G20 creates a very high and straight ball flight. If you are searching for a club to work the ball you may want to try Ping’s i20 hybrid. The G20 provides little ability to control the trajectory and shot pattern.

The G20 is extremely easy to hit and performs exceptional from a tight lie. It launches the ball high from just about any reasonable lie such as a bunker or even moderate rough. Although it is super easy to hit, it won’t provide any miracles out of a U.S. Open length rough.

Every high handicap player searching for a hybrid should give the G20 a try. The appearance and offset may scare away some players but the club is ideal for higher handicap players.  The performance of the G20 hybrid rates 9 out of 10.


The G20 creates a dull sound at impact. Due to the forgiveness of the G20, impact feels similar almost anywhere on the club face. The G20 features a D1 swing weight, which feels similar to other hybrids. Overall, you do not receive a lot of feedback, the G20 hybrid just produces a high and straight shot. The Ping G20 rates 8 out of 10.


Many players struggle with hybrids.  Since the G20 resembles more of an iron, this may be a great alternative rather than a traditional hybrid. The club is super easy to hit and control. It provides good distance and keeps the ball in play. The G20 appearance is an improvement over the G15.  The price tag is right in line with the majority of other game improvement hybrids at $159. There are certainly a large number of golfers who will benefit from the G20. If they look past the unique appearance they will find a solid club that rates 8 out of 10.

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