Pickleball vs. Walking: The Ultimate Fitness Showdown

Discover the calorie-burning truth behind pickleball vs. walking in this amusing fitness debate!

Curious about the exercise benefits of pickleball? Find out what reddit users have to say!


  • Pickleball can be a surprising calorie-burner, with players experiencing weight loss and improved fitness levels.
  • Players report burning anywhere from 4-14 miles per week equivalent through pickleball, based on their activity levels.
  • The intensity and duration of pickleball sessions vary, influencing the overall calorie expenditure.

Insights from Redditors

Pickleball enthusiasts share their experiences with the sport, ranging from weight loss success stories to the impact on their overall fitness levels. Whether tracking steps, miles, or calorie burn, each player offers a unique perspective on the exercise benefits of pickleball.

Calorie Counting and Fitness

Redditors highlight the calorie-burning potential of pickleball, comparing it to traditional forms of exercise like walking. From tracking steps on wearables to sharing weight loss journeys, users showcase the diverse ways pickleball enhances their fitness routines.

Pickleball Lifestyle

Players discuss integrating pickleball into their daily lives, emphasizing the sport’s dynamic nature and its role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. From gym workouts to outdoor sessions, pickleball serves as a versatile exercise option for all ages.