Pickleball vs. Tennis Etiquette: Spotting the Differences

Uncover the contrasting worlds of pickleball and tennis etiquette as players dive into the unique customs of each sport.

Ever wondered how pickleball and tennis stack up in the etiquette department? Let’s dissect the nuances that set these sports apart.


  • Pickleball etiquette involves letting strangers rotate in, a practice not commonly seen in tennis.
  • In tennis, moaning to disguise the shot’s power is a valid tactic, unlike in pickleball where it can lead to warnings.
  • Offering game balls in tennis is accepted without much fuss, but in pickleball, it’s a different story.
  • A witty comparison of tennis to giant pickleball raises a few laughs among players.

Pickleball Rotation Policy

One key distinction pointed out by players is the rotation policy in pickleball. Unlike tennis, where players typically stick to their partner, in pickleball, there’s an expectation to allow strangers to rotate in and out of games. This openness adds a social element to pickleball that some find refreshing.

Moaning in Tennis and Pickleball

The discussion also delves into the practice of moaning during shots. In tennis, players often moan to mask the power of their shots, a tactic not commonly seen in pickleball due to the potential for distraction warnings. This difference in approach showcases the unique subtleties of each sport’s etiquette.

Ball and Equipment Etiquette

Players highlight the contrast in how game balls are handled in tennis versus pickleball. While tennis players typically accept any offered ball, pickleball players are particular about using the right ball type, such as onix for indoors and duras for outdoors. This attention to detail reflects the nuanced etiquette prevalent in pickleball.

Additionally, the commentary humorously touches on the idea of blaming partners in pickleball, a phenomenon absent in tennis where the blame often falls on external factors like line judges.

From quirky comparisons to practical observations, the disparities in etiquette between pickleball and tennis offer a glimpse into the distinct cultures of these beloved sports.