Pickleball Tips for Beginners: To Lesson or Not to Lesson?

Should you spend $75 on a beginner lesson for pickleball, or jump into open play? Discover what Redditors suggest!

9v0lt is all set to start playing pickleball but is torn between a beginner lesson or jumping into open play. What should they do?


  • Consider your budget and learning style before deciding on a lesson.
  • Open play allows for a more casual and social introduction to the game.
  • Lessons can provide a solid foundation and specific tips for beginners.
  • Community recommendations and resources can guide your decision.

Insights from Redditors

Redditors are split on whether 9v0lt should opt for the beginner lesson or start with open play. Some emphasize the value of basic training, while others highlight the welcoming nature of pickleball communities.

Expert Advice vs. Casual Play

While some recommend lessons for foundational skills, others suggest diving into open play for a more relaxed entry into the sport. The decision ultimately depends on individual preferences and goals.

Community Support

Many users suggest exploring local clubs, facilities, and recreational programs to find beginner-friendly opportunities. Engaging with the pickleball community can offer valuable insights and connections.

As 9v0lt navigates the initial stages of pickleball, the diverse perspectives shared on Reddit highlight the range of approaches to starting a new sport. Whether opting for structured lessons or informal play, the key is to enjoy the journey and embrace the learning process in this dynamic and engaging game.