Pickleball Paddle Modification: Yay or Nay?

Is modifying your pickleball paddle really worth it? Find out what the community thinks about it.

Have you ever considered modifying the shape of your pickleball paddle? A Reddit user, re-enjoyable, is looking to extend the handle of their 6.0 Ruby paddle due to having large palms. They seek advice on whether modifying it is a good idea and ask for alternative paddle suggestions.


  • Modifying your paddle may compromise its integrity and performance.
  • Some users suggest alternative solutions like using grips or trying different paddles with longer handles.
  • Custom modifications might be against tournament rules.

The Risks of Modifying Paddles

Many users warn against altering the paddle’s shape, as it could negatively impact its structural integrity. For instance, OnAPieceOfDust mentions the risk of compromising the thermoformed edge, which could lead to delamination or core crushing.

Alternative Solutions

Instead of modifying the paddle, soundwithdesign suggests looking for a long-handled kevlar paddle like the PLE. Goatpath proposes creating a ‘splint’ on the handle and using grips and overwraps to achieve a longer handle.

Rule Compliance and Innovations

While some users like shokaveli1 have successfully extended their handles through 3D printing, they acknowledge that such modifications may not be tournament-approved. On the other hand, switcheroo13 hints at upcoming innovations like the 11six24 Kevlar paddle with a 6” handle.