Pickleball Merger Mayhem: What’s the Deal?

What’s the fuss about the MLP, PPA, and APP merger? Dive into the chaos surrounding pickleball’s biggest organizations.

Confused about the MLP, PPA, and APP merger frenzy? Let’s unravel the wild pickleball saga and see what the uproar is all about. What’s the deal with the pickleball organizations playing hardball? Dive in!


  • Pickleball organizations MLP, PPA, and APP are caught in a merger dispute.
  • There are issues with player participation, tournament scheduling, and organizational alignment.
  • APP prioritizes player satisfaction over profit, creating conflict with the profit-driven PPA.

MLP & PPA: The Dispute

Some players are missing from APP and PPA tournaments, affecting the viewing experience. The merger of MLP and PPA has added to the confusion, with scheduling problems arising.

APP vs. PPA: Clash of Priorities

APP’s focus on player satisfaction clashes with PPA’s profit-centric approach, leading to disagreements over expenses and player treatment.

Pickleball Merger Fallout

The pickleball community is divided over the merger, with players and fans expressing concerns about the future of the sport and the impact on tournament quality.