Pickleball Etiquette: To Point or Not to Point?

When should you claim a point in pickleball? The debate boils down to sportsmanship vs. rules.

Troyw_75 played rec and hit an opponent’s foot before the ball went out. Their query caused a stir on Reddit.


  • Players debate whether incidental body contact warrants awarding a point in pickleball.
  • Sportsmanship vs. strict adherence to the rules creates varying opinions.
  • Some prefer earning points through fair play, while others prioritize rule enforcement.

BhaiseB’s View

BhaiseB believes catching an out ball is different from unintentional contact, awarding the point to the server.

Krafty16’s Opinion

Krafty16 supports the server, stating the opponent was likely upset by the ruling.

Whitedevil142’s Stance

Whitedevil142 backs the server, emphasizing the opponent’s responsibility for close calls near the line.

003E003 reinforces awarding the point as long as the opponent wasn’t deliberately intercepting the ball.

Final Thoughts

Vichina raises a sportsmanship dilemma, implying that claiming such points may harm the social aspect of the game. However, DaveyDukes suggests leniency in recreational play, and RotterWeiner brings humor into the mix.