Pickleball Double Bounce Rule: Mandatory or Optional?

Discover the debate over the mandatory or optional nature of the double bounce rule in pickleball leagues.

I’m fairly new to the sport so would love input. I’m in a rec league that says the double bounce or two bounce rule is up to the teams aka it’s optional to do a bounce on each side after the serve before returning. (I will say it was way less fun to play without it as the opponents just slammed their return after the serve 90% of the time and scored a ton of points that way) Every more experienced player with and league I’ve played in was adamant about two bounces. My Google searching seems to indicate it’s standard to do a double bounce. (Not taking about two bounces on one side before returning) So is it a mandatory or optional rule?

Edited to clarify and if I should be calling this something else please let me know


  • The double bounce rule in pickleball sparks a debate between players regarding its mandatory or optional nature.
  • Experienced players insist on the necessity of the double bounce for fair gameplay.
  • Some players express confusion over the variation in rule enforcement across different leagues and games.

Mandatory Consensus

Many users agreed that the double bounce rule should be mandatory to prevent one team from gaining a significant serving advantage.

Confusion Over Terminology

There was a discussion on the terminology, with suggestions to clarify it as a two bounce rule instead of a double bounce to avoid confusion.

Variability in Rule Adherence

Players highlighted the variability in rules across different leagues and games, emphasizing the importance of consensus among all parties involved.

Mandatory rule adherence ensures fair gameplay and prevents one side from exploiting loopholes for an unfair advantage. By establishing clear guidelines and ensuring agreement among players, the integrity of the sport is upheld, promoting enjoyable and competitive matches for all participants.