Philadelphia 76ers Out of 2024 NBA Championship Contention: Fan Reactions

The Philadelphia 76ers’ elimination sparks a mix of emotions among fans, from humor to disappointment.

After a loss to the Knicks, the Sixers are out of the 2024 NBA championship contention. Fans react with a mix of humor, disappointment, and sarcasm towards the team’s performance, particularly pointing out Tobias Harris’s zero-point game. Here are some insights and reactions from the Reddit post.


  • Fans criticize Tobias Harris for his 0-point game in the elimination match, with one fan calling him a ‘basketball terrorist.’
  • Some fans find humor in the situation, making jokes about Sixers fans’ wishes to avoid losing in the second round backfiring.
  • Fans acknowledge the intense and competitive nature of the series, despite the disappointing end for the Sixers.
  • The absence of star players like LeBron, KD, and Curry in the second round surprises fans, leading to discussions about the unpredictability of the playoffs.

Fans’ Reactions

One fan humorously remarks, ‘Tobias Harris quietly had 0 points in an elimination game ☠️,’ highlighting the disappointment in Harris’s performance during a crucial match.

Another fan reflects on the series, stating, ‘This has been the best series so far! No blow out, dog fight from start to finish,’ showcasing appreciation for the competitiveness of the games.

Fan Sentiments

Despite the humor and banter, fans express disappointment in the Sixers’ elimination, as one fan laments, ‘5 years and 180 million dollars! Fitting way to end an error with zero points in a do or die game. TOBIAS HARRIS ladies and gentleman!’

Another fan sarcastically mentions, ‘Sixers fans: “I’d do anything not to lose in the second round again” *monkeys paw curls*,’ indicating the ironic outcome of fans’ desires.

Playoffs Predictions

Fans discuss the unexpected turn of events in the playoffs, with key players like LeBron and KD not advancing to the second round. One fan comments, ‘Lebron, Steph, KD, Giannis, Embiid, AD, Dame, Klay, Booker, CP3. None of these players will be playing in the 2nd round of this year’s playoffs. What a wild timeline.’

Overall, the Reddit post captures the diverse range of emotions and conversations sparked by the Philadelphia 76ers’ elimination from the 2024 NBA championship contention. From humor to disappointment and surprise, fans express their thoughts on the team’s performance and the unpredictability of the playoffs.