PGA Tour Trend at Players Championship Sparks Concern Among Golf Fans

Fans express worries about declining viewership trends at the Players Championship.

The recent Players Championship left golf fans feeling concerned about a worrying trend in PGA Tour viewership. The event, despite a grandstand finish, saw a significant drop in viewers compared to previous years. Viewers took to Reddit to discuss their thoughts on the matter.


  • Concerns raised over declining PGA Tour viewership trends.
  • Speculation on factors contributing to the drop in interest.
  • Critiques of PGA Tour broadcasting and coverage.
  • Debate on the impact of competing events and player lineups on viewership.

Frustration Over Broadcasting and Coverage

Many users expressed frustration with the way PGA Tour events are broadcasted, highlighting issues with coverage quality and broadcast platforms. Some felt that outdated broadcasting methods and lackluster coverage contributed to the decline in viewership, suggesting a need for revamping.

Competing Events and Player Lineups

Discussions revolved around the impact of competing events, such as college basketball tournaments and selection weekends, on PGA Tour viewership. Users debated whether scheduling conflicts and the absence of major names on leaderboards affected the interest in golf events.

Lack of Star Power and Player Interest

Many users lamented the absence of top players like Speith, JT, Morikawa, and Rickie from leaderboards, attributing the declining interest to the need for established stars to drive viewership. The debate on merging tours to feature all top players in prominent tournaments sparked further discussions.

The sentiment among golf fans on Reddit showcased a mixture of disappointment, frustration, and calls for improvements in PGA Tour events and coverage. The concern over declining viewership trends at the Players Championship indicates a growing need for the tour to address key issues that impact fan engagement and interest in golf.