PGA Tour Happy Gilmore Golf Shot Goes Viral on Reddit

Check out this unbelievable shot on PGA Tour online that’s taking the golfing community by storm!

A viral golf shot from a PGA Tour online game has Reddit buzzing. The unbelievable play has sparked a mix of awe and humor among users, with some even claiming to replicate it in real life.


  • Users on Reddit are in awe of a fantastic golf shot from a PGA Tour game.
  • Some users find humor and entertainment in the shot, praising its creativity.
  • Others share personal anecdotes related to the shot, adding a touch of realism to the viral moment.

Lion Trees and Heroic Shots

The user Weak-Chicken-353 hails the shot as a family-saving miracle akin to Lion Trees, showcasing the impact of a simple virtual golf shot.

Realism Check

cjholland5 brings everyone back to earth by sharing a real-life experience at the same golf course, emphasizing the difficulty of replicating the virtual magic in reality.

Relatable Reactions

From Floknar considering it a GOATed shot to WuWeiWebb claiming to pull off similar feats in their rounds, the shot resonated differently with each user.

The comments captivate a blend of admiration, humor, and personal connection to the viral shot, generating a buzz within the golfing community.