PGA Superstore Theft – What Should You Do If Your Golf Club Gets Stolen?

Read about a golfer’s stolen wedge and the dilemma of whether to involve the police or not.

A golfer is faced with a tough decision after his wedge is stolen at a PGA Superstore. Should he involve the police or let it go?


  • Golfer’s wedge is stolen at PGA Superstore, caught on video.
  • Manager offers 25% discount on a new wedge as compensation.
  • Users debate whether to involve police or handle it privately.
  • Story of a similar theft ending in police involvement sparks discussion.

File Police Report or Cut Losses?

A user suggests filing a lawsuit, while another mentions the police may not prioritize a stolen wedge over other crimes.

Pursuing Justice

An anecdote about someone pursuing a theft case to court inspires the golfer to consider taking legal action.

Police Involvement

Users advise involving the police for an easy solution or contacting the corporate office for support.

The debate rages on Reddit about the best course of action for the aggrieved golfer.