Patrick Beverley Banned From ESPN Shows: The Fallout and Fan Reactions

Patrick Beverley banned from ESPN shows after making ESPN reporter leave – how do fans react?

Patrick Beverley has been banned from future guest appearances on ESPN shows after a controversial post-game interview incident. This has led to mixed reactions among fans in the NBA community. Let’s take a closer look at the fallout and fan responses.


  • Patrick Beverley banned from ESPN shows due to a post-game interview incident.
  • Fans express mixed reactions, with some finding it amusing and others condemning his behavior.
  • Speculations arise about Beverley’s future in sports media given his actions.

Fan Reactions

Some users in the NBA community found humor in the situation, like user ‘Zeckzeckzeck’ who jokingly predicted more bans for Beverley in the future. On the other hand, ‘bigtree42069’ simply stated ‘FOR LIFE,’ indicating a harsh stance towards Beverley’s ban.

Speculations and Observations

User ‘EarthWarping’ raised an interesting point by questioning whether Beverley would discuss his ban on his podcast, adding another layer of intrigue to the situation. Meanwhile, ‘Powerglove2000’ expressed disbelief at Beverley’s disrespect towards the reporter, considering his aspirations for a sports media career post-retirement.

Throughout the comments, a mix of amusement, criticism, and speculation can be seen regarding Beverley’s ban from ESPN shows, reflecting the diverse opinions within the NBA community.