Passion or Potential Chaos? Scenes in Surrey After Canucks Win

After a big win, Surrey, BC, erupts in celebration. What’s the sentiment among fans?

After a 4-2 victory for the Canucks, Surrey, BC, showcases its passion. How do fans feel about the scenes?


  • Fans in Surrey celebrate passionately after Canucks’ wins, creating a unique tradition.
  • Some view the celebrations as potential chaos and post-beer antics in Surrey.
  • The intersection in Surrey becomes a focal point for fan celebrations during playoff games.

Insightful Celebrations

Loyal fans in Surrey display unwavering support through their energetic and sometimes wild celebrations. The post-game atmosphere teeters between excitement and concern as emotions run high.

The Surrey Tradition

Residents highlight the long-standing tradition of celebrating Canucks’ victories in Surrey, turning Scott Road into a hub of hockey fervor. The community spirit is palpable, resonating with fans and onlookers.

Passion vs. Caution

Debates arise over whether the post-win celebrations are pure passion or potential chaos waiting to happen. While some enjoy the fervent displays, others express reservations about the consequences.