P790s vs Shockwave Therapy: A Golfer’s Dilemma

Should a golfer spend $1,500 on new P790s or shockwave therapy for ED? Reddit has some hilarious and insightful opinions.

A golfer faces a crucial decision: to splurge on new P790 irons or invest in shockwave therapy for ED. The Reddit community weighs in with witty advice and opinions.


  • Deciding between new irons and therapy for ED sparks a hilarious debate.
  • Users suggest irons can provide long-lasting satisfaction, unlike immediate relief.
  • The humorous comments blend golfing jargon with ED references for comic relief.
  • Opinions range from practical advice to playful banter, showcasing the diverse perspectives.

Deciding Between Golf Clubs and Therapy

User Apoc-87 humorously points out the long-term benefits of new irons compared to temporary solutions: “Buy a man new irons and he gives himself a boner every day for the rest of his life.

“On the other hand, Legal-Description483 suggests combining golf with ED treatment by investing in irons and generic Viagra

Golfing vs. Personal Health

The community highlights the dilemma of choosing between personal health and golfing satisfaction. User birkenstockandsocks even humorously implies that P790s might cure ED

“The Battle of the Shafts

User stumpwedge brings humor to the decision by referring to it as “The battle of the shafts,” blending golf equipment talk with innuendo

Final Decision: Golfer’s Delight

Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and priorities. The Reddit community adds a touch of humor and lightheartedness to this golfer’s dilemma, making the choice between new P790s and shockwave therapy an entertaining debate