Ozzie Alonso Honorary Captain: A Heartfelt Return to the Pitch

Ozzie Alonso returns as honorary captain, evoking memories and admiration from fans.

A heartwarming gesture sees Battery great Ozzie Alonso return as an honorary captain, evoking nostalgia and admiration from fans. The former Sounders player’s upcoming tribute is set to mark a special moment in soccer history.


  • Alonso’s return evokes nostalgia and appreciation from fans.
  • Fans express missing Ozzie’s presence on the field.
  • Ozzie’s past with Battery and Sounders adds sentimental value to the forthcoming tribute.

Return of a Legend

Alonso’s return as an honorary captain not only symbolizes a homecoming but also reignites the fond memories of his time at Battery and Sounders, resonating deeply with fans.

Nostalgia in the Air

The announcement of honoring former Battery greats alongside Alonso adds an emotional layer to the upcoming match, stirring nostalgia among the soccer community.

Missing Ozzie’s Presence

Many fans express a sense of loss for Ozzie’s impactful presence on the field, highlighting the lasting impression he left during his tenure with the Sounders.

A touching tribute awaits as Ozzie Alonso graces the pitch once more, bringing together past glories and present admiration in a celebration of his remarkable soccer legacy.