Overcoming Trauma: Rediscovering Running After Loss

Can trauma impact running? Explore one runner’s journey through grief and fitness struggles.

A runner shares her struggles with performance and grief after losing her husband unexpectedly and facing setbacks such as COVID.


  • Trauma and grief can significantly impact physical performance.
  • Maintaining fitness post-trauma may require adjustments and time.
  • Emotional well-being plays a crucial role in physical recovery.
  • Support and self-compassion are essential during challenging times.

Struggling with Loss

For the runner, the sudden loss of her husband led to a significant disruption in her running routine and performance. Despite efforts to resume training, setbacks like COVID and sleep disturbances added to her challenges.

Community Support

Reddit users empathized with the runner, highlighting the connection between trauma and physical capabilities. Some shared personal experiences of performance dips post-trauma and emphasized the importance of self-care and patience.

Healing Through Running

While grief may affect running abilities, users encouraged the runner to prioritize mental well-being over performance metrics. Running was viewed as a tool for processing trauma rather than a means of achieving pace goals.

The runner’s journey serves as a reminder that healing is not linear, and self-compassion is key to navigating challenges. Through understanding and support, she can gradually rediscover her love for running amidst grief.