Overcoming the Dreaded Driver Yips in Golf: Strategies and Insights

Struggling with the dreaded driver yips? Find out how fellow golfers are tackling this challenge with humor and advice.

When your go-to club fails you: the dreaded driver yips. Here’s how Reddit golfers tackle this frustrating challenge.


  • Don’t overthink, chill out, and trust your swing.
  • Sometimes a new driver might be the solution.
  • Consider taking a break to reset your game.
  • Seek professional help for swing adjustments.

Insights on Overcoming the Yips

Struggling with the driver yips can be a golfer’s worst nightmare, as shared by EncomCEO on Reddit. Despite years of solid drives, suddenly finding it impossible to launch the ball can be demoralizing. Fellow Redditors chimed in with a mix of practical advice and humor.

Finding Peace in a New Driver

Burnsniper humorously suggested that sometimes a new driver is the only way out of the yips. While it may sound drastic, a change in equipment can sometimes provide a mental reset and restore confidence in one’s game.

The Power of a Break

Exotic_Glass shared a valuable tip about taking a break from golf to overcome the yips. This temporary hiatus can help reset the mind and muscle memory, offering a fresh start when returning to the game.

Seeking Professional Assistance

For those struggling to find their swing again, seeking professional guidance, as recommended by ToroSalmonNigiri, could provide the necessary adjustments to overcome the driver yips. A trained instructor can identify flaws in technique and offer personalized solutions for improvement.

Golfers facing the dreaded driver yips can take solace in the fact that many others have been in the same position. By combining perseverance, humor, and a willingness to seek help, overcoming this temporary setback is within reach. Remember, it’s just a bump on the fairway of your golfing journey.