Overcoming Setbacks and Rediscovering Strength: Getting Back into Yoga

Returning to yoga after a break can feel demoralizing, but it’s a chance for growth and renewal. How have others overcome the challenges?

Returning to yoga after a break can be daunting, but it also presents an opportunity for growth and renewal. TobeyMcGuires_Squire shared their experience of restarting their practice after recovering from surgery, highlighting the challenges of rebuilding strength and overcoming mixed emotions. The Reddit community responded with supportive advice and shared personal stories of setbacks and triumphs.


  • Accept where you are, stay safe, and do your best.
  • View setbacks as a chance to restart with a fresh perspective.
  • Focus on fundamentals and mindful practice to progress effectively.
  • Cultivate gratitude for the ability to move and practice yoga.

Acceptance and Resilience

lushlilli emphasized the importance of accepting one’s current abilities and approaching practice with safety and determination. This mindset allows individuals to navigate setbacks and progress at their own pace.

Redefining Progress

aPatheticBeing shared a personal journey of regaining form after a hiatus, highlighting how dedication and consistency can lead to significant improvements over time. Despite initial challenges, resilience and commitment paved the way to reclaiming strength.

Mindfulness and Growth

sbarber4 introduced the idea of treating recovery as a gift, advocating for exploring beginner classes and revisiting fundamentals. The perspective shift towards gratitude and learning from injuries can enhance one’s practice and overall well-being.

Strength in Adversity

L_D_G reflected on the impact of injuries on practice, acknowledging the difficulties in rebuilding strength and flexibility. However, setbacks can ignite motivation and deepen the understanding of the mind-body connection, leading to enhanced alignment and progress.

The Reddit thread showcased a range of experiences and coping strategies for returning to yoga after a break. While setbacks may feel discouraging initially, they can serve as catalysts for personal growth and self-discovery. By embracing challenges with resilience, mindfulness, and gratitude, individuals can navigate obstacles and rediscover their strength on the mat.