Overcoming Achilles Tendonitis in Pickleball: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Struggling with Achilles tendonitis in pickleball? Get expert advice and remedies from seasoned players in the know!

Are you dealing with the frustrating pain of Achilles tendonitis while playing pickleball? You’re not alone! Many players face this common issue and seek solutions to continue enjoying the game. Let’s dive into some valuable insights and tips shared by the pickleball community on Reddit.


  • Seek professional help if pain persists to avoid serious injuries.
  • Ice therapy post-game can significantly reduce discomfort.
  • Gradually increase Achilles strength through targeted exercises.

Expert Advice

“If you tried all that and it still hurts, it needs rest or you risk an outright rupture… Achilles issues are no joke.” said OldPod73, emphasizing the importance of seeking medical assistance.

Tips for Recovery

“I had this same issue… I just put the ice bags under my Achilles and lower calves and it works like a champ,” shared threerottenbranches, highlighting the effectiveness of icing therapy.

Preventive Measures

“By the time I play now I’ve been moving my body for 30 minutes. This means I’ve been slowly loading my Achilles more and more,” advised fivefront, stressing the importance of dynamic warm-ups.

Many users recommended consulting a PT or sports doctor for tailored treatment plans, underlining the significance of professional guidance in managing Achilles tendonitis effectively. From targeted stretching routines to strength training, the community shared diverse approaches to alleviate pain and enhance performance on the pickleball court. Remember, taking proactive steps today can prevent severe setbacks tomorrow. Embrace the wisdom of experienced players and prioritize your health to keep enjoying the game you love. Your Achilles will thank you in the long run!