Outrageous Prices: The Shocking Truth Behind Golf Range Ball Costs

Golf range ball prices are on the rise, leaving players stunned. What’s the deal with $22 buckets?

Have you noticed the escalating prices of golf range balls? Recently, tnick771 shared their astonishment at a $22 bucket cost, sparking a wave of responses from the golf community.


  • The introduction of technology like Toptracer has led to higher range prices for enhanced feedback.
  • Some ranges now charge by the hour instead of by bucket size, impacting players’ practice routines.
  • Golfers are shifting their budget towards playing rounds rather than spending on expensive range sessions.

High Prices, High Tech

Golfers pointed out that the incorporation of tech like Toptracer is driving up range costs. While the feedback is valuable, it comes at a premium.

Hourly Rates and Budget Reallocation

Some areas have switched to hourly rates, restricting practice time and forcing players to rush. This change has affected how golfers allocate their budget, favoring actual rounds over range visits.

Course-Based Alternatives

Individuals suggested seeking ranges at golf courses for more affordable options, highlighting the disparity in pricing based on location.

As costs continue to soar, golfers are reevaluating their practice habits and spending, seeking value while pursuing their passion for the game.