Outrage and Confusion: Green Bay Fans React to Doug Gottlieb Coaching Rumors

Green Bay fans express shock and disbelief over Doug Gottlieb’s potential coaching role.

Green Bay fans are in disbelief over potential coaching rumors.


  • Green Bay fans express shock and sadness.
  • Many question Gottlieb’s interest in the job.
  • Some see the situation as a joke or social experiment.
  • Fans share memes and jokes to cope with the news.
  • Kids better leave their credit cards at home

    One user warns about leaving credit cards at home during practice, reflecting the disbelief in Gottlieb’s potential role.

    Confused look dogs make when they fart

    A user humorously compares their reaction to the news to a confused dog’s expression when farting, highlighting the absurdity of the situation.

    Warmhearted clowning

    A fan admits finding joy in the community’s collective mocking of Gottlieb, using humor to process the news.

    Green Bay fans respond to the shocking news with a mix of outrage and humor, questioning the legitimacy of Doug Gottlieb’s potential coaching role while finding solace in shared jokes and memes.