Ouch! The Painful Side of Pickleball: Injuries and Near Misses

Players discuss the worst hits they’ve taken during a pickleball game – some stories you won’t believe!

Are you brave enough to face the battle scars of a pickleball game? Check out these harrowing stories of near misses and painful shots straight from the community.


  • Players recount near-misses and painful hits during pickleball games
  • From cleaved heads to sliced ears, the injuries can be quite dramatic
  • Some players share embarrassing moments where they lost points in unexpected ways

Gory Tales of Injuries

One player witnessed a teammate’s head being cleaved off by a wild drive, causing a bloodbath on the courts. Another launched a ball into a woman’s ear, cutting her ear slightly. The pain doesn’t stop there as one player experienced a broken knuckle from a hard smash.

Embarrassing Moments

A player framed a ball into their own face during a singles game, resulting in both pain and embarrassment. Others have endured bruises on various body parts but managed to escape facial injuries by wearing glasses.

Lucky Escapes

Despite the horror stories, some players have miraculously escaped serious injuries. One player took a hard drive to the chin with no blood or bruising. Another player has been hit several times without a mark, leading them to question if they’ve just been lucky.

The world of pickleball is not for the faint of heart, with each game carrying the risk of an unexpected injury. From swollen fingers to bloody ears, players brave the court knowing that a painful hit could be just a swing away.