Oregon Celebrates 2025 3-Star IOL Demetri Manning’s Commitment

Oregon fans rejoice as Demetri Manning chooses to play for the Ducks over other big schools.

Oregon fans are buzzing with excitement as 3-star IOL Demetri Manning commits to the Ducks over other major schools. His decision has sparked a wave of enthusiasm among the community as they welcome him with open arms onto the team.


  • Users show joy over Manning’s commitment, highlighting his potential impact on the team.
  • Excitement grows as fans appreciate Manning’s ties to Oregon and his canceling of a visit to Miami.
  • Comments also reflect on Manning’s physical attributes and the competitiveness of the recruitment process.
  • Users speculate on the reasons behind the recruitment trends of 3-star players to top-tier schools.

Positive Reactions

Many users expressed their excitement over Manning’s commitment to Oregon. One user stated, ‘You love to see it,’ while another praised Oregon for securing a talented player.

Emotional Ties

Some comments highlighted Manning’s personal connection to Oregon, with one user sharing his story of growing up as a dedicated Duck fan, adding a heartwarming touch to the announcement.

Recruitment Speculations

Discussion also revolved around the recruitment process, questioning whether 3-star recruits choosing top schools are undervalued or if it’s a strategic move by coaches to tap into raw talent.

The community’s support for Manning’s decision and the anticipation surrounding his potential impact on the team are evident throughout the comments.