Optimizing Your Cross Country Summer Workout Plan: Feedback Requested

New XC coach seeks feedback on summer training plan for high school runners, looking for structured input while maintaining flexibility.

Hello fellow runners and coaches! Just stumbled upon an interesting post by a new coach seeking feedback on a summer workout plan for Cross Country. Let’s dive in!


  • Structured plan for increased mileage and various workouts
  • Focus on enjoying activities while maintaining consistency
  • Desire for feedback and improvement
  • Color scheme suggestions welcomed

Feedback on Plan

Some users recommended incorporating rest days and cross-training for the team’s benefit. Others emphasized the importance of hill work for a successful training regimen. While some appreciated the structured approach, suggestions for adjustments and additional training components were shared. The community highlighted the need for flexibility and individualized plans within a group setting.

Color Scheme Suggestions

Discussion around the color scheme of the plan highlighted the desire for a more cohesive and visually appealing design. Users recommended simplifying the color palette to enhance readability and focus. Providing differentiation between key elements while maintaining a clean layout was a common theme in the comments.

Incorporating XC Experience

A user shared insights from their XC years and collegiate coaching experience, emphasizing the effectiveness of classic workouts like 12 x 400m and hill-based fartleks. The importance of varying surfaces for training, including grass and hills, was highlighted. Personal anecdotes added depth to the discussion, showcasing the value of practical experience in crafting successful training plans.

Diverse Perspectives

Feedback on the summer workout plan encompassed a range of perspectives, from practical training suggestions to design aesthetics. The community’s engagement highlighted the passion for improving training strategies while fostering a supportive environment for coaches seeking input. The blend of expertise, personal anecdotes, and visual feedback contributes to a comprehensive review of the XC workout plan.