Optimal Time Management for Pre-Race Bowel Relief: Marathoner Dilemma

Discover the quirky but crucial need for managing pre-race bowel movements for marathon success.

Dealing with pre-race bowel relief can be a marathoner’s quirky dilemma that requires precise management. The Official Q&A post on April 05, 2024, in the running subreddit brought up some interesting and essential questions related to running and preparation.


  • Marathoner seeks advice for optimal bowel relief timing before races.
  • Runner inquires about the duration of threshold runs for speed endurance.
  • Discussion on defining and running at an easy pace.
  • Preference for non-gel fuel sources and their alternatives.

Relieving Pre-Race Jitters

Wooden_Umpire2455 shared a relatable yet unusual concern about managing bowel movements before marathons. This brought forth a mix of humor and empathetic advice from the community, showcasing the camaraderie among runners facing similar challenges…

Maximizing Threshold Runs

WernerHerzogEatsShoe brought up the debate on the duration of threshold runs, sparking a discussion on traditional plans versus personal preferences. The comments reflected a mix of caution, personal experiences, and training philosophies…

Easy Pace Dilemma

golightlyfitness delved into the concept of the ‘easy pace’ and the variations in individual interpretations. The ensuing conversation highlighted the subjective nature of running intensity and the importance of personal comfort…

Seeking Fuel Alternatives

dexboson initiated a discussion on energy chews alternatives, steering away from gels and exploring options like sports bars and regular foods. The responses showcased a range of unconventional yet effective fuel choices…