On3 Samples Talks Decision to Join Oregon Staff: Inside Scoop

Find out why Samples chose Oregon over pay cut in this exclusive blog post!

On3 Samples recently discussed his decision to join the Oregon staff with insights from Reddit users.


  • Samples joined Oregon for growth opportunities, not just salary
  • Teaming up with valuable mentors influenced his move
  • Community speculates humorous reasons for his choice

Positive Career Move

According to one user, Samples valued personal development and opted for Oregon to enhance his skills under respected coaches. This decision highlights his focus on long-term career growth rather than immediate financial gain.

Tracktown Pizza Conspiracy

Another user humorously suggested that Samples may have been swayed by the renowned Tracktown Pizza, adding a lighthearted touch to the discussion about his motives. While pizza might not be a primary factor, it provided a fun twist to the conversation.

Community Speculation

Reddit users engaged in speculation regarding Samples’ motivations, blending humor with admiration for his professional aspirations. The diverse range of opinions reflected a mix of serious analysis and playful banter, creating an entertaining narrative around his decision.