Ollie Watkins: A Dark Horse for Premier League Player of the Season?

Can Aston Villa’s Ollie Watkins clinch the Premier League Player of the Season award with his impressive goal contributions?

Can Ollie Watkins grab the Premier League Player of the Season award if Aston Villa makes it to the UCL and he maintains his lead in goal contributions?


  • Watkins stands out based on his commendable goal contributions.
  • Some fans think Watkins is overshadowed by players from bigger clubs like City and Arsenal.
  • Others emphasize Watkins’ chances if he outstrips others in goal-scoring.
  • There’s a debate on whether Watkins can compete with the likes of Foden and Saka.

Watkins’ Impact

Ollie Watkins has made a significant impact…

Fans’ Differing Opinions

While some fans laud Watkins…

Comparing Watkins to Foden and Saka

The dilemma of Watkins…