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Nike VR_S Driver Review

nike_vrs_driver_heroHey everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’ve got a review of the Nike VR_S Driver for you.  This driver was released early in 2012, and was the next generation of the Machspeed line, incorporating many of it’s technological enhancements – like the aerodynamic properties. Let’s get to the review…


Compared to previous drivers Nike delivered a more traditional pear shape design with the release of the 460 cc Nike VR_S Str8-Fit driver. The 460 cc driver features a deep face and slightly elongated club head. The glossy charcoal finish on the VR_S appears really sharp. Nike’s new NexCOR technology replaces the compression channel found on previous Nike models. NexCor face technology is an ultra-thin and ultra-hot clubface designed to produce higher ball speed. In addition, NexCor technology maximizes ball speed for players of all ability levels. The new STR8-FIT system offers a 4-degree range of face-angle adjustability, optimizing ball speed, distance and accuracy for your personal swing style. In standard position the VR_S sets up 1 degree open. Overall, this club looks great.


I tested the Nike 9.5 VR_S driver with stock Fubuki stiff shaft. The VR_S provides a longer than average results in the distance department with a  mid ball flight and launch angle. The biggest surprise was the accuracy.  Off center hits still found the desired target. There were no snap hooks or missed shots to the right. The club head and shaft were a great match and complement each other well. The VR_S performed consistently with a nice match of distance, workability and forgiveness. Ball flight was straight or slight fade, which for me, is typical.


The VR_S features a mid weight 57 gram shaft with a heavy D6 swing weight. I prefer a slightly heavier feel and Nike designed a heavier club than many of the competitors, so this really fit the bill for me. The heavier weight makes the club very easy to feel throughout the swing. I found this driver forgiving, as off-center shots still flew very straight. The VR_S has a softer sound at impact than previous Nike drivers.


There are so many good drivers it can be a challenge to find the best driver to complement your game. In my opinion, the Nike VR_S exceeded my expectations and is one of the best drivers I have tested. The Nike VR_S is definitely worth a few swings if you are searching for a new driver. While the going rate for most adjustable drivers is $399, the VR_S is a steal at a $299 retail value. With an inexpensive price tag and how the club performs the Nike VR_S driver is definitely one to consider if you’re in the market.

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