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Nike Vapor Flex & Nike Vapor Speed Drivers

Good day everyone and thanks for stopping by. Today we’d like to tell you a little bit more about Nike Golf’s Vapor Pro, Vapor Speed and Vapor Flex Drivers which were recently announced last week.

The three drivers share three key technologies:

  • Nike’s FlyBeams – which stiffen the cavity back of the club
  • A re-engineered Compression Channel – which accentuates the spring-like effect across the face to return energy to the golf ball
  • FlexLoft 2 – which allows golfers the functionality of five lofts and three face angles within 15 different settings

Nike designed these technologies to drive more energy to the ball and promote greater distance.

The Vapor Pro and Vapor Speed  drivers provide specific launch and spin characteristics while the Vapor Flex utilizes Nik’sFlexFlight adjustability system.

FlexFlight features a RZN tube with a high-density weight on one end (called the FlightPod) which is located in the cavity of the club. By flipping the Flightpod, golfers can move the center of gravity of the Vapor Flex driver to further their launch conditions.

“Often times in the fitting process, there’s an opportunity for a final adjustment to develop the shot shape and ball flight the athlete is looking for,” said Nate Radcliffe, Director of Engineering for Nike Golf. “That’s how FlexFlight can help. With a simple quarter turn, we can adjust the mass of the FlexFlight module forward and backward within the club to change the trajectory and shot shape for the athlete. In doing so, we are seeing that a two-plus millimeter shift will change launch angle up to a degree – and it gives us that fine-tuning change inspin of about 300 rpm. As the last step in the fitting process, that can be the difference between the athlete being comfortable with the fitting and really being able to compete with it on the golf course.”

The FlexFlight system is simple and easy to use. The 15-gram RZN Flightpod, inserts into the back of the driver. Using the same Flexloft wrench, a simple quarter turn rotation and audible click will lock or unlock the pod. When unlocked, the Flightpod can be removed, reversed and locked back into the cavity.

Both the Vapor Flex and Vapor Speed drivers will be available in stores starting January 30th, 2015.

The Vapor Flex should cost consumers around $600 and the Vapor Speed driver should be around $360.

Feature image is a Vapor Flex Driver, courtesy of Nike Golf.

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