NHL Supplemental Discipline Debate: Fans Disappointed with Game 2 Fallout

Exploring fans’ disappointment with NHL’s handling of supplemental discipline after Game 2.

Fans express disappointment at NHL’s handling of discipline after Game 2.


  • Fans frustrated with inconsistent handling of player discipline.
  • Perception that certain teams or players receive preferential treatment.
  • Criticism towards league for lack of transparency in decision-making.
  • Anticipation for potential impact on upcoming games.

Troubling Trends

Users highlight cases of players receiving leniency despite questionable actions, leading to disillusionment within the fanbase.

Game Expectations

Discussion on fans’ skepticism regarding expected player behavior in the next game following the disciplinary outcome.

League Control

Comments reflect a belief that the NHL intentionally fosters a physical style of play, influencing how disciplinary actions are meted out.