NHL Highlights: Fake Crowd Noises Debate – What’s the Point?

Why do NHL highlights include fake crowd noises for away team goals? Fans are divided!

Discover why NHL highlights feature fake crowd noises for away team goals and why fans have mixed feelings about it.


  • Fans speculate fake crowd noises cover copyrighted music
  • Discussion on the rationale behind replacing natural sounds with artificial cheers
  • Debate on the impact of fake crowd noise on viewer experience

The Licensing Dilemma

Some users suggest the NHL could be using fake crowd noises to avoid copyright issues due to music played in the arenas during games. It’s a creative solution but not everyone is convinced it enhances the viewing experience.

Fan Frustrations

Many fans express dissatisfaction with the artificial crowd noise, lamenting the loss of the authentic live reactions from the arenas. The constant cheer can be jarring and detracts from the joy of watching highlights.

Deception in Sports Production

Comparisons are drawn to other sports productions like skiing events, where artificially created sounds are used. This revelation raises questions about the authenticity of the viewing experience and the impact of such tactics on viewer trust.

The debate over fake crowd noises in NHL highlights reflects a clash between the desire for authenticity and the necessity for creative solutions in a digital age. As technology continues to shape how we consume sports content, finding a balance between genuine experiences and practical considerations remains a challenge for both fans and producers.