NFL Teams on the Big Screen: Memorable Background Appearances

Discover the most iconic background moments of NFL teams in TV shows and movies, excluding football films.

Exploring the iconic background moments of NFL teams on the big screen, excluding football films, sparks lively discussions among Reddit users. From Homer Simpson’s ownership of the Denver Broncos to memorable appearances of various teams in popular entertainment, fans share their favorite moments and debate the most unforgettable team cameos.


  • Denver Broncos: Remembered for Cartman’s mom scene.
  • Chicago Bears: Grandson’s cameo in A Princess Bride.
  • Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans: Notable recognition in Cast Away.

A Denver Broncos Cartoon Crossover

One user recalls the hilarious Denver Broncos reference in a popular cartoon series, highlighting the team’s unexpected pop culture connection.

Chicago Bears: A Royal Cameo

Reddit users discuss a subtle but memorable Bears cameo in a classic film, emphasizing the team’s unexpected appearance in a beloved cinematic moment.

Tennessee Titans’ Cast Away Shout-Out

The recognition of the transition from Houston Oilers to Tennessee Titans in a well-known movie scene prompts users to reflect on the team’s legacy and on-screen presence.

From Ace Ventura to X-Files, NFL team appearances in TV shows and movies continue to captivate fans, sparking nostalgia and excitement. The community’s varied choices reflect the enduring impact of these background moments on pop culture and sports enthusiasts alike.