Newcastle’s Bold Move for Arsenal’s Ramsdale: Fans React!

Newcastle’s rumored £15m offer for Arsenal’s Ramsdale sparks mixed emotions among fans.

Newcastle’s rumored £15 million move for Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale has ignited a flurry of reactions from fans, predicting his future and worth in the transfer market. Will this bold move pay off for Newcastle, or is it a risky gamble? Let’s dive into the Reddit discussions to find out!


  • Fans debate Ramsdale’s potential throughout various clubs.
  • Is £15 million a fair price, or does Ramsdale deserve more?
  • Concerns raised about Ramsdale being a backup choice at Newcastle.
  • Comparisons made to other goalkeepers in the market influencing perceptions.

Fans’ Predictions

“15m? Celtic should ask for him at that price! 🤣” – angepostecoglouale

“15 mil sounds way too low. He could easily start for mid to lower table teams.” – Just-Shelter9765

Market Tensions

“In this market? In this economy? No way, Newcastle.” – biskutgoreng

“If Sanchez went for 25, Ramsdale is worth at least 35.” – Mynamejeaff

Speculations on Role

“Would be weird to move from Arsenal’s backup to Newcastle’s.” – ValleyFloydJam

“Not a good move for Ramsdale; he’ll be back on the bench when Pope is fit.” – O-Mesmerine

Newcastle’s recruitment strategy questioned by MiguelAlmiron and fans reflect on Ramsdale’s future, pondering if history will repeat itself. The transfer saga continues, as opinions clash on Ramsdale’s value and role in potential clubs’ lineups.