Newbie Golf Dilemma: To Move or Not to Move the Ball?

A new golfer faces a dilemma after a ball mysteriously lands far from its original spot.

A golfer, new to the game, faces a perplexing situation when his ball lands far from where it should be. He seeks advice on what to do next.


  • Debate over correct golf ball movement sparks advice from experienced players.
  • Newcomer’s decision to shift the ball is applauded by some and questioned by others.
  • Humor and camaraderie shine through as redditors share funny golf mishaps.

Rule Clarification

A redditor explains the embedded ball rule, offering guidance on handling situations where a ball lands abnormally.

Supportive Community

Comments reflect a mix of encouragement for the beginner’s decision to move the ball and humorous anecdotes about golf gone wrong.

Friend Shenanigans

One user suggests the possibility of friends tampering with the ball, adding a comical twist to the discussion.