New Rule at Euros: Only Captains Allowed to Speak to Referee – Will It Last?

Players at the Euros face a new rule – only captains can talk to the referee! Will the rule hold up under pressure?

Players at the Euros have been told that only the captain will be allowed to speak to the referee during games. Any other player who approaches the referee to complain will be instantly booked. (In return, referees will explain key decisions to captains in greater depth)


  • Excitement for the new rule but skepticism on its enforcement
  • Concern over practicality, especially for teams with goalkeepers as captains
  • Predictions that the rule may unravel in knockout stages


With the new rule in place, some Redditors express anticipation and hope for orderly games. However, there is a prevalent unease about its sustainability amidst high-intensity matches. One user sarcastically predicts chaos as the tournament progresses, envisioning scenarios where multiple players surround the referee without consequences.


The community recognizes the potential benefits of centralized communication through captains but questions its feasibility, particularly for teams led by goalkeepers. Concerns arise about the rule’s adherence during critical knockout stages, with doubts cast on whether big games will abide by the restrictions.


While some Redditors commend the initiative, citing comparisons to orderly practices in rugby, others remain skeptical, anticipating a swift abandonment of the rule after initial enforcement. The common sentiment leans towards a blend of excitement for change and doubt on its long-term impact.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of the new rule at the Euros has sparked a mix of optimism and skepticism within the community. As fans eagerly wait to see how the rule plays out, the recurring theme of doubt lingers, questioning the rule’s longevity in the face of intense competition.