New Beginnings: My Wife’s Golf Journey and the Hilarious Reactions

Follow the golf adventures of a newbie player as her husband shares her gear and golf outing plans on Reddit.

Royhaven excitedly shared on Reddit about his wife diving into golf with new gear, sparking funny and supportive comments.


  • Speculations on unconventional golf shoe choices get hilariously teased by other Redditors.
  • Some users question the outfit choices and comically compare them to classic dad attire.
  • Positive feedback floods in, with compliments on the gear and encouragement for the wife’s new hobby.

Unconventional Choices

R_N_G_ questioned the non-golf shoe choice, sparking humor and disbelief in the Reddit community.

Dad Attire Vibes

Comments from chubbyshart and powerelite humorously speculate on the husband’s outfit choice for his wife.

Support and Encouragement

socalreader’s kind words and dmramfan’s intriguing question showcase the variety of reactions.

Farfrompar21’s inquiry on the bag quality sheds light on the practical side amidst the comedy.

lanzarl4luna’s contrasting situation brings a lighthearted element to the thread.

The comments blend humor, curiosity, and support, creating a vibrant community around golfing newcomers’ journeys.