Never a Negative Experience on the Golf Course – Is That Weird?

Discover why this golfer has never had a bad experience on the course. Is it unusual or just good luck?

Have you ever wondered if you’re the odd one out for never having a bad experience at a golf course? Let’s dive into this Reddit post and find out.


  • Positive golf experiences are more common than negative ones.
  • Personal attitude can influence interactions on the course.
  • Most people tend to share negative experiences rather than positive ones.
  • Golfers generally find the community to be pleasant.

Insightful Comments

Many golfers share positive experiences on the course, emphasizing the friendly and enjoyable nature of the sport. They attribute their lack of negative encounters to their own attitude and approach to the game.

Contrasting Experiences

While some golfers have encountered minor incidents like slow play or heckling, the overall sentiment is that negative experiences are rare and usually overshadowed by the positive aspects of the game.

Community Perceptions

Golfers appreciate the camaraderie and sportsmanship shown on the course, highlighting the general pleasantness of interactions with fellow players.

Despite occasional mishaps, the consensus remains that golf is a sport that fosters goodwill and enjoyment among its participants.