Netflix’s Big Move: Acquiring NFL Christmas Day Games – Fan Reactions

Netflix’s pending deal to get exclusive NFL Christmas Day games is stirring mixed emotions – find out why!

Netflix is on the verge of securing exclusive rights to stream NFL Christmas Day games. Fans are divided.


  • Fans are split on Netflix’s high-priced acquisition of NFL games
  • Skepticism exists regarding Netflix’s live streaming capabilities
  • Concerns about the NFL’s shift towards exclusive broadcast deals

Positive Reactions

The high seas have all the NFL games! 😄

Some fans see potential in Netflix’s entry into streaming NFL games, seeing it as a positive change.

Negative Reactions

$150 million a game is out of this world. Good grief, the NFL is making so much money.

Many fans are dismayed by the escalating costs, fearing the NFL may be overreaching.

Concerns for the Future

I hate this.

There are worries about the NFL’s increasing fragmentation and the impact on viewers.

This move has sparked a heated debate among NFL fans about the changing landscape of sports broadcasting and the implications of exclusive deals.