Nelly Korda Makes History with Fourth Consecutive LPGA Win

Nelly Korda continues her dominance, setting her sights on a major victory!

After an exceptional performance at the Bank of Hope Match Play, Nelly Korda has the golf world buzzing with excitement. Her fourth consecutive LPGA win has fans in awe, wondering if she will be able to secure a major victory next.


  • Nelly Korda’s relentless winning streak has propelled her to golfing stardom.
  • Fans are amazed by Korda’s exceptional skills and elegant swing.
  • Speculation is rife about whether Korda can maintain her winning momentum at the upcoming major.

The Nelly Effect

Comments like ‘NELLY!!! crazy impressive what she’s doing’ and ‘I am a Nelly stan’ showcase the admiration fans have for Korda’s remarkable achievements. Her consistency and skill level have solidified her as a force to be reckoned with in the golfing world.

Major Momentum

As one user notes, ‘5 will be the toughest test yet! A major! I don’t think she’s lost yet since becoming an Aunt.’ The anticipation is high as Korda gears up for the monumental challenge of a major victory that could further cement her legacy.

The Terminator Mentality

Despite facing challenges like surgery, Korda has emerged stronger, with fans hailing her as a ‘fucking terminator.’ Her unwavering dedication and exceptional swing have captivated golf enthusiasts, leaving them in awe of her abilities.

Whether it’s her picturesque swing or her undeniable talent, Nelly Korda’s impact on the golfing scene is undeniable. As she continues to rewrite the record books, fans eagerly await her next chapter in the ongoing saga of her golfing greatness.