NCAA Settlement Fallout: Non-Power 5 Conferences Upset Over House Settlement Allocation

Non-Power 5 conferences are fuming over unfair allocation of NCAA settlement funds. Check out why!

The non-Power 5 conferences are not pleased with the proposed House settlement distribution, sparking turmoil and debates within the community.


  • Non-Power 5 conferences feeling shortchanged by distribution.
  • NCAA’s removal of scholarship limits adds insult to injury.
  • Sharp divide in sentiments; some call for action, while others express resignation.

Backward Distribution

One user humorously remarks, ‘Well, that seems completely backwards. Checks out.’ It’s clear that the asymmetrical allocation is rubbing fans the wrong way.

Outrage and Frustration

With sentiments like ‘That’s bullshit, man!’ and ‘Fuck that,’ it’s apparent that the community is boiling with frustration over the perceived injustice in the settlement.

Call for Action

Users like AndThisGuyPeedOnIt suggest Congress intervention, highlighting a growing cry for regulatory action to address the disparities.