NBA History: Potential Break in MVP Streak if Timberwolves Win Game 7

The NBA Finals may see a historic shift if the Timberwolves win Game 7, breaking a longstanding streak of former MVPs.

The Reddit post explores the possibility of the Minnesota Timberwolves breaking a decades-long streak in the NBA Finals if they win Game 7 against the Denver Nuggets. The streak involves the absence of former NBA MVPs or Finals MVPs, and the post delves into past occurrences to analyze this unique situation.


  • The post highlights a potential shift in the NBA Finals history with the Timberwolves’ victory.
  • Users discuss instances of past Finals without former MVPs or Finals MVPs, shedding light on the rarity of this scenario.
  • Insights into the historical MVP chain in NBA Finals matchups provoke discussions on the uniqueness of the upcoming possibility.

MVP Streak Analysis

Users delve into the intricacies of the MVP streak in NBA Finals back to 1977, providing detailed information on the exclusion of former MVPs in past matchups. The analysis showcases the significance of the potential break in the streak should the Timberwolves emerge victorious.

User Reactions

Fascination and surprise mark the user comments, with some expressing amusement at the inclusion of certain players in the MVP discussions. The thread generates excitement about the upcoming game and its potential impact on NBA history.

Championship Dynamics

Discussions extend to the implications for future MVPs within championship teams, hinting at emerging talents who could shape the league’s future. Users speculate on the transformative effect of a Timberwolves win on the basketball landscape.

The ongoing conversation reflects the community’s engagement with the rich history and potential changes in the NBA landscape, fueling anticipation for the outcome of Game 7 and its ramifications on the Finals.