NBA Highlight TNT Plays “Not Like Us” Recap

Exploring the hilarious TNT plays during Nuggets/Wolves game break.

During the commercial break of the Nuggets/Wolves game, TNT aired some interesting content that sparked a mix of reactions from viewers.


  • Viewers found the content hilarious, especially the reference to Drake and Kendrick.
  • Some users appreciated the strategic move to rile up Drake.
  • There were mixed opinions on the appropriateness of the content.
  • The NBA’s involvement in the banter added an extra layer of amusement.

Drake vs. Kendrick

One user pointed out, “They decided the cleanest bar for TV was when Kendrick says Drake is gonna f***ing die in Oakland. LMAO.” The playful jab at Drake’s expense seemed to resonate well with the audience, generating laughter and entertainment.

California Culture Moment

Another comment highlighted, “They got the line ‘CERTIFIED PEDOPHILE’ blaring in Dodger Stadium rn as Ohtani is hitting HRs.” The bold move to include such controversial language in the content spurred a discussion on cultural impact and boundaries.

Strategic Provocation

One user mentioned, “Hilarious because this is exactly the kind of sh*t we know will get under Drake’s thin skin.” The intentional targeting of Drake’s sensibilities through the content was seen as a strategic and comedic maneuver by TNT.

Official Global Ambassador

Commenting on Drake’s role, a user noted, “Drake is the Raptors official ‘Global Ambassador’ this is wild.” The juxtaposition of Drake’s official position with the playful banter added an ironic twist to the situation, leaving viewers entertained and curious about the NBA’s stance.

The reactions to the TNT plays during the commercial break of the Nuggets/Wolves game showcase the diverse perspectives and humor within the NBA community. The lighthearted banter and strategic provocations added an extra layer of entertainment to the viewing experience, generating laughter and discussions among fans.