Navigating the Bunker and Wall at St. Andrews: Golfer’s Dilemma

Golfer seeks advice on how to handle a challenging bunker shot with a 10′ wall in the way at St. Andrews.

When you find yourself stuck in a bunker with a 10′ wall looming ahead on the course at St. Andrews, what club do you reach for? Let’s dive into the Reddit discussion on this tricky situation.


  • Strategy: Play for the safe approach to ensure you escape the bunker.
  • Creativity: Use wide angle shots and unconventional clubs to navigate the challenge.
  • Risk-taking: Some suggest using unorthodox methods like the putter.

Players’ Insights

Golfer dre078 humorously points out the sandy color in the bunker, prompting reflections on the origins of that troublesome sand trap. TheeDragon adds a light-hearted touch, comparing the 10′ wall to his dunk contest aspirations. mcbainer019 opts for a risky shot with a wide open 56, while erkthn draws attention to the formidable wall. JerryReceiver advises cautious play from the short side of the bunker, emphasizing the importance of simply getting out. Careless_Line8455 recommends a splash shot with a sideways twist for extra security, showing a mix of creativity and safety. Tooeasychamp takes the unconventional route, suggesting using a putter and riding the wall, demonstrating the element of risk in golf decision-making.

Key Takeaways

Amidst the wit and banter, the Reddit thread showcases golfers’ diverse approaches to a challenging situation. From traditional tactics to daring maneuvers, each player offers a unique perspective on how to tackle the bunker and wall obstacle at St. Andrews. The mix of humor and strategy highlights the complexity and creativity involved in navigating golf courses, reminding us that sometimes a touch of whimsy can lead to unexpected success on the fairway.