Nathan MacKinnon Sets Franchise Record with 140 Points in a Season

Nathan MacKinnon makes history with a staggering 140 points for the season, sparking mixed fan reactions.

Nathan MacKinnon has achieved a remarkable feat by setting a new franchise record with 140 points in a season. Let’s dive into the buzz around this milestone!


  • Fans marvel at MacKinnon’s prolific scoring, acknowledging the rarity of his accomplishment.
  • The community reflects on the significance of team records being held by players who represented the city.
  • Comparisons emerge between MacKinnon’s performance and other legendary players in franchise history.

Fans in Awe

“Now that guy who always brought up Stastny can finally shut up.” – BingBongtheArcher19

“Guy is a machine. His 5v5 stats are nuts.” – YourDegenerateUncle

Thoughts on Legends

“How is Sakic and/or Forsberg not in the top 5?” – musicman3321

Embracing Local Records

“Honestly, I’m glad that the record is set by someone that played for the city. That’s how it’s supposed to work.” – TheGreatStories

“well deserved. what a player and what a season.” – ItsMeJaredBednar

Nathan MacKinnon’s record-breaking performance has stirred a mix of astonishment and admiration among fans. His achievement not only reshapes the team’s history but also adds a new chapter to his own legacy, solidifying his place among the greats in franchise lore.