Nashville Marathon 2024: Runner Experiences and Insights

Runners share their experiences at the 2024 Nashville Marathon – from challenging hills to water station woes.

The 2024 Nashville Marathon brought a mix of challenges and triumphs for runners, with varying experiences shaping their perspectives. Hills, water stations, heat, and support all played a role in the diverse feedback shared.


  • Runners noted challenges with hills and crowded start areas
  • Water stations received mixed reviews for volunteer support
  • Participants shared sentiments on the race organization, lack of amenities, and overall experience

Challenging Hills and Crowded Start

For many runners, the hills of Nashville presented a surprising challenge, particularly in the first half of the race. Navigating through crowded start areas and merging points with half-marathon runners added to the intensity of the race. While some found the course engaging, others felt the congestion impacted their performance and overall experience

Water Stations Woes

The availability and efficiency of water stations emerged as a common point of discussion among participants. While some praised the strategic placement of stations, others noted shortages of volunteers, leading to delays in receiving hydration. Complaints about the quality of water and electrolyte options were also raised

Race Organization and Experience

Runners shared mixed feelings about the overall race organization, ranging from logistical challenges like limited toilets and crowded conditions to the absence of expected amenities like sufficient entertainment along the course. The post-race experience, including finish line arrangements and post-race facilities, also influenced participants’ perceptions

The diverse feedback from runners highlights the subjective nature of race experiences and the importance of considering individual perspectives in evaluating event success