Mystery Signature on a Baseball: Can Reddit Crack the Code?

Reddit users try to identify the mysterious signature on a baseball. Can they solve the mystery?

A Reddit user seeks help identifying a mystery signature on a baseball they won in a raffle. The signature appears to belong to a Toronto Blue Jays player. Can the Reddit community crack the code?


  • Users suggest various names, including Jack Mehoff, Annie Ruth, and George Brett, adding humor to the discussion.
  • Some propose serious baseball player names like Dr. Lickon Deeznuts and Dr. Schweitzer, sparking laughter among readers.
  • Despite differing opinions, the community engages in a fun and light-hearted endeavor to uncover the truth behind the signature.

Hilarious Speculations

One Reddit user, RojerLockless, amusingly suggests, “Some lady signed it – Ruth – Baby Ruth.” The playful comment adds a touch of humor to the mystery.

Unexpected Discoveries

FlatulenceConnosieur humorously claims, “It is signed by the inventor of the screwball, Dr. Lickon Deeznuts.” The unexpected twist in the speculation keeps the thread entertaining.

Creative Guesses

MaloneSeven offers a creative suggestion with “D.D. Rawlings,” showcasing the diverse range of ideas circulating within the Reddit community.