Mystery of the Weird-Looking Walleye: A Fishy Tale from Alberta, Canada

Join us on a wild ride unraveling the mystery behind a strange-looking walleye caught in Alberta!

A walleye caught in Alberta, Canada has left anglers bewildered with its unusual appearance. What could be the cause? Let’s dive in and uncover the mystery!


  • Speculations abound on the reasons behind the walleye’s odd looks.
  • From birth defects to environmental factors, Reddit users offer various theories.
  • Some inject humor into the discussion with witty comments and pop culture references.
  • Ultimately, the walleye remains a captivating enigma for the fishing community.

Scoliosis or Soft Plastic?

User iammabdaddy suggests scoliosis as the cause, while French-BulIdog humorously compares the fish to rigging a soft plastic.

Genetic Quirks and Inbreeding

Shoresy-sez jokes about it being from Alberta, implying inbreeding, while Lufwyn delves into genetic abnormalities and environmental factors.

Fish Tales and Fairy Godparents

From suspicions of whirling disease to references of catching FAIRY GODPARENT, the discourse takes a whimsical turn.

Whatever the cause, the strange walleye continues to captivate anglers, reminding us of the mysteries still lurking beneath the surface of our favorite pastime.