Mystery Fish at Folsom Lake: Is It a Bluegill?

Discover the mystery fish found in Folsom Lake. Is it a bluegill? Reddit users weigh in on the identity of this fish.

Discover the mystery fish found in Folsom Lake. Reddit users speculate on its identity.


  • Is it a bluegill or another species?
  • Users share their thoughts and photos.
  • The debate on fish identification continues.

Bluegill or Sunnies?

The consensus seems to point towards the fish being a bluegill, with users sharing images and their personal experiences with this species. While some refer to it as a “gateway fish,” others suggest alternative names like “bluegillium.”

Debate Among Anglers

Some users admit to their lack of expertise in identifying pan fish species, adding humor to the discussion. The friendly banter and shared knowledge create a lively debate within the fishing community.

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

Images shared by users offer a closer look at the mystery fish, solidifying the argument for it being a bluegill. The vibrant colors and distinct features captured in the photos add to the excitement of the discovery.